I am a professional software developer providing services for companies active in Internet marketing and other online areas.

With high expertise in JavaEE, JavaScript, MySQL and PHP I can help your business leverage the power of Internet technologies.

Contact me today and let us discuss how I can help you.

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My mission is to help customers fully utilize the power of the Web, helping small and medium businesses to take advantage over their more technologically advanced competition. 

I have noticed that many business owners still use outdated systems or even not computerized techniques to run their companies, putting themselves way behind the competition. The primary cause of this problem are often the difficulties coming with implementing the new technologies and their costs. My goal is to eliminate these problems by making the entire process much easier, cheaper and stress-free. 

I realize the entire projects from planning to deployment myself whenever it is possible. By taking the whole stress related to the new technology away from the customer, they can focus on their business instead of being worried about technical difficulties. In an example, if you need a new website for your business, I take care not just of website design and development, but also help with hosting and purchasing a domain.

Software Development
Software development service utilizing Java, JavaEE, PHP, JavaScript, and SQL technologies for new and existing projects.
Website Design and Development
Realization of websites from design to deployment, including hosting, domain management, security updates, and training in content management.
Technical Writing / Documentation
Technical writing about IT topics in various styles, from casual blog-like to formal documentations, including API documentations.
MySQL Support
Support, optimization, and design of new or existing MySQL databases and derivative systems like Percona or MariaDB.