My services

Below you can find my most popular services. If your project requires other services that are not listed on this page, contact me and I will let you know if I can help you.

IT Consulting
I provide consulting for companies and individuals that require assistance with Information Technologies. Whenever you are not familiar with a particular IT field or need an independent consultation with currently utilized technology, I can help you.

My specialization is Web Development and related areas. After an analysis of your particular case, I can present you the best options, strategies, and tools for your business or project. No matter at which stage of development you are, I can always help you with my expertise whenever it is needed.

The technologies I most focus on are Java/JavaEE, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, HTML/CSS, and related technologies. Example service can be assistance with configuration of Tomcat with Apache proxy for your JavaEE web application. In such case, I can describe your possible options (ie. only Tomcat, Tomcat behind Apache, Tomcat behind Nginx), their pros and cons, and my recommendation in your particular case. If needed, in such case I can configure the web server and deploy the web application for you.
Software Development
I offer various software development services using Java/JavaEE, PHP, JavaScript and SQL technologies. I am capable of realizing complex projects from the architecture design to the deployment phase.

My software is always covered by unit tests and user test cases to decrease the possibility of functionality defects and thus improve the overall software quality. The customer is always allowed to fully test the software before finalizing the contract to ensure that all project requirements are met.

If you require assistance with ongoing project I can help as well. I am experienced in utilization of version control software (svn, cvs, and preferred git) and other tools for remote project collaboration.
Website Design and Development
No business have a chance of success without online presence. I help companies to create and setup websites starting from consulting and design ending on deployment and maintenance. Beside of website realization, I provide also hosting, domain management, security updates, and training in Content Management System usage.

I am aware that not everyone is a specialist in the computer science, therefore I focus on clear and relaxed communication during project execution. MY customers are always involved in their project from the beginning to the end. That allows them to influence the product at every stage of development, which allows the customers to get exact results they are expecting.
MySQL Support
I have extensive knowledge and experience about MySQL and data storage in relational database systems. I offer my customers help regarding MySQL and derivative systems like Percona or MariaDB.

This service is especially helpful for customers that utilize MySQL in their projects but are not MySQL specialists. From my experience, many projects that do not involve MySQL specialists have flaws in database design and are lacking in utilization of the advanced features like views, prepared statements, stored procedures or triggers. My customers are often shocked how simple changes in their databases can improve overall performance, and how utilization of previously mentioned features make project simpler and faster.

My MySQL Support service does not involve only web applications, but also general server and desktop applications. If your project is written in Java or PHP, I can additionally help with proper utilization of engines in these languages used to connect and work with MySQL.
Technical Writing / Documentation
Whenever your company needs to publish a technical paper or needs documentation for a product, I can help. I have experience in writing about IT technical topics in various styles, from casual blog-like to formal documentations.

I am familiar with various automatic documentation systems (like JavaDoc or PhpDoc), as well software used for creating and viewing documentation (like Atlassian Confluence) and general content creation tools (like Microsoft Word, Wordpress).

I cooperate with IT books publishers to provide reviews and proofreading of IT books.