Website Design and Development

What is your first step when you need to find a particular product or service? Most people navigate to in their smartphone or laptop and search for what they need. If your business doesn’t have a website, vast amounts of potential customers have no chance of reaching your business. If you don’t know how to create websites yourself or this topic is overwhelming to you, don’t worry. I have already helped various companies to set up many websites from the beginning to the end.I can give your business the online presence to open it for the vast amounts of potential customers looking for services and products every day.

I am handling for you the entire website creation from planning through content to domain purchase and hosting.

My Website service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Consultation
  • Content creation
  • Domain purchase and configuration
  • Website hosting
  • Design and multimedia
  • Programming
  • Deployment and testing
  • Documentation and manuals
  • Training in Content Management Systems

My websites always follow the most recent standards to ensure maximal compatibility with modern and legacy web browsers, on all devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Cutting edge technologies

Whenever possible, I am using the latest stable technologies to create the best quality end products. By following the latest trends and inventions, I allow my customers to stay ahead of their competition allowing them to maximize the profits of their online presence.

HTML5 and CSS3 is the future of the Web, which is highly endorsed by Internet leaders like Google or W3C. HTML5 in comparsion to its precedors a superior data structuring which is benefictory in many areas like SEO or data analysis. CSS3 makes it possible to create stunning visual effects without use of additional tools or extra image files, as it was necessary in the past.

JavaScript in its most recent edition is based on EcmaScript 6 which open many new ways to create more effective and easier to maintain client-side scripts. Thanks to JavaScript ES6 building complex user interfaces and visual effects is very simple and effective.

On the back-end we utilize JavaEE (previously known as J2EE) and PHP 5.6/7 to power server-side processing. These two technologies are my top specializations, making me able to deliver efficient, secure and fast websites and web applications.

For the data storage, I utilize Oracle MySQL database, with a possibility to use MySQL forks if needed (like Percona or MariaDB.) MySQL is my another top specialty – I have successfully created applications working with millions rows of data. For the customers requiring wide clustering, high redundancy, and the fastest possible data processing, I use an NoSQL database system Apache Cassandra to realize all of my customers’ needs.